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Management of whistleblowing reports

“Whistleblowing” is the reporting carried out by an individual who, in the course of their duties, becomes aware of wrongdoing, a risk, or a dangerous situation that could harm the company/organization they work for, as well as clients, colleagues, citizens, and any other category of individuals.

Sfregola Materie Plastiche Srl, always sensitive to ethical issues and the proper conduct of its business, is interested in knowing about any violations that may occur in the course of its activities in order to remedy them effectively. To this end, it invites all those who have or have had a legal or commercial relationship with SMP Srl to freely discuss any issues they may encounter in their work, confident that the Company will not retaliate against them for doing so.

However, in cases where there is a desire to keep one’s identity confidential and/or a fear of retaliation from other members of the Company, SMP allows for protected reporting through a specific platform. This platform is designed to ensure, through computerized procedures, the direct and immediate receipt of the report by the Supervisory Body—a third-party entity that is impartial and possesses independent powers of initiative and control over the Company. The Supervisory Body is obligated to guarantee the confidentiality of the whistleblower’s identity.

The reporting platform can be accessed through the following link: