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Circular Economy

Our commitment to the environment

Active since 1963, Sfregola Materie Plastiche has turned the green economy into a vocation that has shaped its development over the decades.

Technological innovation in full respect of the environment and the diversification of production sectors has led, over time, to the creation of 3 companies (RIGENERA Biocompound,EUMAKERS eeumakeit), which have allowed the entire group to define a virtuous circuit of sustainability that inextricably links them and characterises every single aspect of the group.

Waste is a resource and its systematic recovery makes it possible to create high quality products.

How It Works

- The process -

The system of recovery, regeneration, extrusion and additive manufacturing involving the three production branches of the company, powered by a 1.6 MegaWatt photovoltaic panel system, and governed by the use of the most modern technologies, is structured as follows:

RIGENERA Biocompound, recovers and transforms clean industrial waste into PE and PLA, satisfying the entire raw material requirements of SMP (a company controlled by the group), for the production of bags used for recycling waste.

SMP process waste, and in particular the biocompatible plastics used for the production of organic waste bags (PLA Polylactic acid), are again recovered by  RIGENERA Biocompound and used by EUMAKERS for the production of eco-friendly and non-toxic filament reels used in 3D printing.

As long as the EUMAKERS PLA is a compostable, biodegradable and non-toxic plastic, the multi-component spool on which the filament is wound is designed to be reused as a functional alternative to landfill. eumakeit (introduced in 2019) is an upcycling design project that involves the 11 components of the reel and its packaging. A gallery of more than 100 models, designed by a team of young international designers, is printed in 3D using biodegradable plastic and assembled with each piece of the reel to create functional design objects— from reuse—that can be fully customised. The option to choose from more than 100 different colours offers the user a degree of customisation that is quite different to that of conventional injection moulding production.

The virtuous circuit of sustainability and circular economy, in line with the principles of zero waste theory, also applies to filament packaging. The packaging in which the reels are sent can be transformed into a practical recycling bin, while that of the single reel can be transformed into one of the models in theeumakeit collection, such as a piggy bank or a toy train.


- The awards obtained for our commitment to the environment and sustainability -