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Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics

“Ethics cannot be separated from economics. A healthy economy requires a solid moral foundation to thrive in the long term.”

Joseph E. Stiglitz
Economist and essayist

The term Code of Ethics defines that set of principles of conduct that reflects particular criteria of adequacy and opportunity, with reference to a specific cultural, social or professional context. Based on this fundamental principle, SMP has decided to adopt its own code as a management and control organization model, intended for directors, employees and collaborators. The ethical principles to be observed focus on the areas of working relationships within the company and relationships with institutions and public officials, briefly recalling principles on the subject of business relationships, competition, suppliers and customers, health, safety and environment.

The goal is to demonstrate the practical utility of this model, its ability to contribute to the development of the company even from a more entrepreneurial point of view. In business, in order to make effective decisions, it is necessary to communicate, dialogue, measure oneself and reason not only on economic dimensions, but also on values.

Given this premise, we can summarize that the business activity carried out by SMP is based on a series of principles and values that we consider fundamental and essential:


SMP is a company in which legality, fairness, honesty, fairness and impartiality of conduct inside and outside the company constitute a common way of feeling and acting. In sharing these principles, lasting relationships are established with customers and suppliers, general transparency in relations with third parties, consistent and fair recognition of the work of collaborators.


SMP undertakes to provide all its interlocutors, in a clear, complete and timely manner, with information relating to the actions carried out at all levels of the company. Being transparent means adopting management tools open to dialogue with your interlocutors with the aim of matching the need for information and knowledge of the economic, social and environmental impacts of company activities.

Consistency and Efficiency

For SMP, being consistent means committing to implement the company’s mission, values and operating principles on a daily basis in every action. They are considered the fundamental basis of strategic planning, objectives and operational management, pursuing the set objectives quickly and introducing the principle of optimization in the management of human resources, time, financial and technological resources in each activity.

Innovation and Improvement

SMP aims to introduce all aspects of useful and possible innovation at various organizational levels: technological, organizational, management and process. SMP intends to act every day to maintain and improve its activities in a concrete way, supporting and promoting the attitude to change.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

SMP is committed to combining economic and social value with the aim of meeting the legitimate expectations of all those who come into contact with it over time: customers, workers, suppliers, and institutions. The company pursues responsible management of the resources used and the use of solutions aimed at improving the environmental impact of its activities.

To this end, it uses the most suitable technologies to prevent environmental risks and reduce environmental impacts, also carrying out targeted initiatives for the creation and affirmation of the circular economy.

Customers and Quality of Service

SMP bases its relationship with customers on availability, respect, courtesy, participation and is committed to their satisfaction, attributing a high added value to listening and dialogue. It promotes tools and channels aimed at ensuring timeliness and quality of information and communication to customers, in order to improve the service offered.

Health and Safety Protection

SMP undertakes to spread and consolidate the culture of safety among employees and collaborators, developing awareness of risks and promoting responsible behavior. To this end, it undertakes to adopt occupational health and safety management systems, define specific objectives and improvement programs, aimed at minimizing accidents and occupational diseases.

Today more than ever it is important to affirm our ethical vision, to clearly express our principles, values and responsibilities. These principles, in addition to providing answers, guide our behavior in relations with all those who in various ways come into contact with our company and with whom we interact.

Let’s consult the code of ethics and we will be more aware of what surrounds us.

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